As part of its ongoing commitment to studying ethical issues in international health and research, the IU Center for Bioethics, in partnership with the IUPUI Medical Humanities and Health Studies Program; the IU Hall Center for Law and Health; the IUPUI Office of International Affairs; and the IU Center for Global Health convened an 8-part seminar series  on Global Bioethics, the goals of which were to:

  • Provide a venue for in-depth discussion of emerging (and persistent) ethical issues in global health;
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and practice that present research and collaboration opportunities;
  • Develop and expand local capacity.

All seminars are accessible via URL on this site. 


Schedule and Resources

January 16:  Eric M. Meslin, Ph.D., “Introduction to Global Bioethics"

January 30:  Ross D. Silverman, J.D., MPH, “Population Health Ethics: The Measles Example”

February  6 (NEW LOCATION: HITS, Rm 1130):  Nicolas P. Terry, LL.M., “Privacy Regulation of the Health Data Stack: Where and Why the US, EU, and [Your Country] Diverge”

February 20 (NEW LOCATION: HITS, Rm 1130):  Thomas S. Inui, M.D. & David Plater, MPAResearch Ethics Across Cultures: The IU – Kenya Case”

March 6:  William H. Schneider, Ph.D.International Humanitarian Assistance: Is There a ‘White Savior Industrial Complex?’”

March  27:  Ian S. McIntosh, Ph.D. & Eunice Kamaara, D.Phil.,“AMPATH: What's Peace Got To Do With It?”

April 10:  Fran Quigley, J.D., M.A.,  Is There a Human Right to Health?”


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