Schwartz Featured at VA & Ethics & Compliance Week

On May 3, Dr. Peter Schwartz, Interim Director of the IU Center for Bioethics will present a seminar, "De-Identified Data:  Ethics and Regulation" at the VA Ethics and Compliance Week at Roudebush VA Hospital, Indianapolis. 

The purpose of the week is to highlight the essential connection between business integrity and ethics quality in providing the best care to our nation's Veterans.  Celebrations and activities are being held at facilities across the country and coordinated by CBI Officers and IE Program Officers. The CBI program is committed to achieving the highest standards of business integrity, while the IE program enhances ethics quality throughout VHA.  Compliance & Ethics Week is an opportunity to reinforce the significance of ethics in the work we do for Veterans every day. IntegratedEthics staff and others can celebrate this important week by conducting activities for employees that raise awareness of ethics and VA core values.

Upcoming Events

May 9 - 12:00 noon - IU Center for Bioethics & IU Center for Global Health Lunch Seminar  -  Rotary Building, 702 Circle Drive, R)121 - Lunch provided.

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