Research Ethics


The IUCB has extensive expertise to assess some of the key challenges arising from research involving human subjects including  informed consent and the ethical review of research protocols. Specifically, the IUCB faculty focus on newer issues involving international studies, translational science, and the use of biobanks.

International Health Research

Health research is now a global enterprise where more than $125 billion is spent annually by federal agencies, the private sector and philanthropy. However, these cross-cultural collaborations are not without challenging ethical and policy issues. The IUCB advises NGOs, funding agencies, professional associations and governments on bioethics research policy and supports a successful international research ethics training and curriculum program in Eldoret, Kenya. More


Translational Science

Translational research aims to move scientific breakthroughs from “the bench to the bedside,” finding ways to harness advances to improve healthcare and individuals’ lives. The Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program of the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute educates and guides researchers in how to conduct ethical research of this sort. Additionally, faculty of the IUCB conduct a range of related research, publishing and presenting to national and international audiences. More


Biobanks & Pharmacogenomics

Completing the sequence of the human genome now allows science and medicine to learn more about the causes of disease and the importance of individual genetic variation by studying DNA, tissues, and blood samples collected in repositories called ‘biobanks’. These valuable resources are now being used to assess public health threats, develop reliable genetic tests, and design medicines through ‘pharmacogenomic’ techniques. The IUCB continues to address the ethical considerations these advancements entail. More

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