Decision Making, Genetic Testing, and Personalized Medicine

Genetic Testing

Completed Projects

  • Genetic Testing for Huntington Disease in At Risk Adolescents and Young Adults, NIH, PI: Kimberly A. Quaid


Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

  • Horsting JMH, Dlouhy SR, Hanson K, Quaid KA, Bai S and Hines KA. (2013) Genetic counselors’ experience with cell-free fetal DNA testing as a prenatal screening option for aneuploidy. Journal of Genetic Counseling, published online December 19, 2013.
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Medical Decision Making

Current Projects

  • A Pilot Study of Providing Patients with Personalized Risk Information Regarding Colorectal Cancer Screening (PI:  Peter Schwartz)

Completed Projects

  • Giving Patients Quantitative Information about the Risks of Colorectal Cancer and the Benefits of Screening: A Randomized Trial of a Computer-based Presentation ( PI: Peter H. Schwartz)


  • Schwartz PH. Disclosure and rationality: comparative risk information and decision-making about prevention. Theor Med Bioeth. 2009;30(3):199-213.
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  • Schwartz PH.  Small tumors as risk factors not disease.  In Philosophy of Science Supplement (Proceedings of the 2012 Biennial Meeting of the Philosophy of Science Association PartII:  Symposia Papers) (in press).

Personalized Medicine

Current projects:

  • Pilot Study of Individuals’ Responses to Hypothetical Information about Lifetime Risk of Colorectal Cancer (PI: Peter Schwartz) 
  • Patients' Opinions and Responses to the National Cancer Institute's Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Tool (PI: Peter Schwartz, Tom Imperiale)
  • A Pilot Study of Providing Patients with Personalized Risk Information Regarding Colorectal Cancer Screening (PI:  Peter Schwartz)

Completed Projects

  • Bioethics Program in Predictive Health Ethics Research, Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, PI: Eric M. Meslin, Investigators: Kimberly A. Quaid, Peter H. Schwartz


  • Meslin EM, Cho MK. Research ethics in the era of personalized medicine: updating science’s contract with society. Public Health Genomics. 2010;13(6):378-84. Epub 2010 Aug 31. PubMed PMID: 20805701.
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Study Reports

  • Barrett PR, Meslin EM, Schwartz PR, Girod J, Odell JD, Quaid K, Wolf J. Report from the PredictER Expert Panel Meeting, November 2, 2007. Indiana University Center for Bioethics. January, 2008.

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