Kristin S. Hendrix, PhD

Dr. Hendrix is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. She completed her doctorate in psychology at the IU Bloomington Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, with an emphasis in social psychological research. Her dissertation focused on the role of informational sources in the development, maintenance, and change of prosocial attitudes. While in graduate school, she also conducted research on self-protective behaviors, message framing and health behaviors, and individual differences.

Dr. Hendrix currently studies child caregivers’ and pediatric health care providers’ attitudes and decisions regarding child health and health care and associated bioethical issues. Her work includes investigation of child caregiver attitudes about the use of their children’s residual, dried newborn blood spots for research purposes. Other projects include: examining factors related to pediatric obesity onset in vulnerable populations; how message-framing impacts parents’ willingness to have their children vaccinated; and health care providers’ attitudes about how reasonable a child caregivers’ behavior was in hypothetical cases of possible child abuse or neglect.

In addition to her faculty role, Dr. Hendrix is Associate Director for the Indiana Medicaid Medical Advisory Cabinet (MMAC). MMAC is a team of MDs and PhDs who work to provide research and advisory services to Indiana’s Office of Medicaid Policy and Planning. The group addresses a range of broad and changing topics.  Past projects have explored issues such as therapeutic approaches for autism, oral health, long-term care for those with Traumatic Brain Injuries, prenatal care and birth outcomes, and mental health assessments for children in the juvenile justice system.

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