Ebola: "Over There"...Now "Over Here"--An Urgent Conversation about Ethics, Law, Public Health, and Practice

The initial outbreak of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in West Africa presented many ethical, legal, logistical and clinical challenges for first responders, clinicians, politicians and researchers. These challenges have been magnified now that EVD has crossed the Atlantic transforming the public conversation from a worrisome public health challenge over there, to one we need to address over here.

In response to these events, Indiana Univeristy experts in ethics, law, public health, and medicine met on October 24, 2014, to discuss the ethical, legal, social and policy implications of the recent EBV outbreaks. Panelists included: Eric Meslin, PhD; Nicolas Terry, LLM; Chad Priest, JD, MSN, RN; and Ross Silverman, JD, MPH. These panelists were joined by a number of commentators from local hospitals, public health departments, and other IU experts. These commentators included: Joan Duwve, Paul Halverson, Debra Fawcett, Steven Ivy, and David Orentlicher.

Panelists and Commentators at "Ebola: 'Over There'...Now 'Over Here'--An Urgent Conversation about Ethics, Law, Public Health, and Practice (10/24/14).

Back Row (from left to right): Paul Halverson, Ross Silverman, Chad Priest, Nic Terry; Front Row: Eric Meslin, Joan Duwve, Debra Fawcett, Steven Ivy.

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