Seminar in Research Ethics

Seminar Series in Research Ethics

In collaboration with Children’s Health Services Research and the Department of Pediatrics, BSAP created the Pediatric Research Ethics Seminar Series (PRESS) in 2014.  PRESS meets five times per year to cover topics in research ethics relevant to fellows and other trainees in pediatrics.  Fellows present on topics relevant to their own studies, partnering with a BSAP faculty member.  PRESS has dealt with cutting edge ethics topics in pediatrics, including:

  • Confidentiality, consent and big-data research.
  • Pediatric risk and comparative effectiveness research.
  • Clinical trials in neonates.
  • Undue influence in pediatric global health research.

This seminar series has multiple advantages.  It allows trainees to continue their education and involvement in research ethics and responsible conduct of research, specifically tailored to their research interests and projects, and it allows them to transition from learners to active teachers and researchers in this area.  The existence of the seminar series also allows students and fellows preparing K awards, or pediatric programs applying for F-level or T-level awards, to reference PRESS as a way that they or other trainees will receive continued training in RCR, beyond the didactic component.  This “module” can be easily plugged into upcoming applications and then can be utilized for funded proposals.  We have held PRESS four or more times per year  high ratings for quality.


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