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As the body of knowledge and understanding in the field of bioethics grows it becomes more difficult to gain access to primary sources and "gray" literature in digital format which eleviates geographic limitations of access. The Bioethics Digital Library (BEDL) provides open and free online access to all of its digital content.

The value of BEDL lies in its capacity to acquire content, to make it available in digital format, and to archive and preserve it for future use. Content includes, but is not limited to: out of print books that are now regarded as “classic texts” in bioethics and humanities; court decisions and legislation; government documents; the “gray” literature (unpublished, but authoritative professional literature such as conference abstracts, presented papers, commission meeting minutes); full text of journal articles; and both audio and visual materials. The scope includes both domestic and international content.


If you would like to contribute an item to the Bioethics Digital Library or have questions about using the collection, please contact:

    Jere Odell, M.A., M.L.S. [email]

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