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In May 2008, the National Institutes of Health awarded a five-year Clinical and Translational Science Award of $25 million to the IU School of Medicine to form the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (Indiana CTSI). This institute combines the strengths of Indiana University, Purdue University, and community partners such as Clarian Health, Eli Lilly and Co., BioCrossroads, Cook Group, Roche, WellPoint, the Indiana Economic Development Corp., the Indiana Department of Health, and the Marion County Health Department.

The NIH created the clinical and translational science awards as a high priority effort to improve the process by which basic science laboratory discoveries are transformed into new medical treatments and products - a process called translational research. The goal of this effort is to improve patient care by eliminating many of the barriers that have traditionally slowed the process of bringing research discoveries into everyday health care practice.

A key component of the Indiana CTSI is the Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program (BSAP), which was established to examine the ethical issues involved in translational research. This program is directed by Dr. Eric M. Meslin, Director of the Indiana University Center for Bioethics and Associate Dean for Bioethics in the IU School of Medicine. The CTSI's BSAP brings together research subject advocates and ethics experts from the Center for Bioethics, IU School of Medicine, and Purdue University.

Our overall goal is to make bioethics central to the way people think about clinical and translational research in Indiana. The specific aims of this program are:

  1. To implement a comprehensive "in-reach" education, consultation, and policy program focusing on responsible conduct of research that is targeted to all CTSI-affiliated investigators, IRB members, and trainees. The CTSI Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program will design and implement Web-based training modules, small group learning programs, formal classroom instruction, and provide user-friendly access to bioethics experts.
  2. To develop a comprehensive "out-reach" bioethics initiative that will support the education, research, and policy needs of diverse external groups. The CTSI Bioethics and Subject Advocacy Program will be responsible for understanding the needs of these groups and developing user-friendly programs, workshops, and learning opportunities.
  3. To provide a dynamic online gathering place for bioethics education, research collaboration, and information sharing. The Bioethics Digital Gateway, a fully integrated component of the CTSI HUB, will satisfy both the internal and external information needs of investigators, trainees, and IRBs, and will support several community outreach efforts.

As part of BSAP, the IUCB will also provide free translational research ethics consultations to researchers. To learn more or to request a consultation please visit our Translational Research Ethics Consultation page.

We hope you will visit our gateway often for information about our program and how you can contact the Bioethics and Subject Advocacy team.

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