Sandra Shapshay, Ph.D.

Sandra Shapshay earned her Ph.D., from the Department of Philosophy at Columbia University and her B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania.

Currently, Dr. Shapshay is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Political and Civic Engagement Program at Indiana University Bloomington.

She edited Bioethics at the Movies (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009), and has authored several articles  and book chapters in bioethics, including  “Procreative Liberty, Enhancement and Commodification in the Human Cloning Debate” Health Care Analysis 2012;  “Children’s Rights and Children’s Health” Journal of Social Philosophy 2008 ;  and “Biomedical Research is an Imperfect Moral Duty: A Response to John Harris” co-authored with Kenneth Pimple, Journal of Medical Ethics, July 2007.

 Professor Shapshay's bioethics research interests include justice and access to health care, the ethics of tissue research, children's rights, the ethics of reproductive technologies, and bioethics and aesthetics.

Contact info:
Sandra Shapshay, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy
Sycamore Hall, Room 026
1033 E. Third St.

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