Mary A Ott


Adolescent Medicine; Pediatrics

Areas of Interest

Research/Clinical: (Clinical) Adolescent primary care; adolescent reproductive health and gynecology; chronic illness; obesity and eating disorders; Clinical ethics, consent and confidentiality.  (Research) Adolescent pregnancy and STD prevention; adolescent sexual health; Young men's health; Ethics of research with vulnerable populations; consent and confidentiality; capacity.

Dr. Mary A. Ott MD MA is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics. She is board certified in Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, and provides both general adolescent medical care and specialty adolescent reproductive health care at Riley Hospital for Children, the HealthNet Pediatric and Adolescent Care Center, and the Eskenazi Health - Pecar Health Center Teen Clinic. Dr. Ott consults on adolescent health policies and programs at IU Health, locally in central Indiana, and nationally. She has a Master's degree in Philosophy and Bioethics. Dr. Ott is the adolescent co-chair for the Indiana chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, and a member of executive committee for the national AAP's Section of Bioethics.   She is additionally on national committees for the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, and on the editorial advisory committee of the journal Perspectives in Sexual and Reproductive Health.  Dr. Ott's research focuses on developmental aspects of adolescent sexual and reproductive health, and on the ethics of research with vulnerable populations. She uses mixed methodologies to examine decision-making, communication and behavior around sexual abstinence, contraceptive use, and sexually transmitted infections, evaluate programs in adolescent STI and pregnancy prevention, and examine the ethics of adolescent vulnerability, sensitive topics research, confidentiality, and capacity to consent.

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