John L. Hill, J.D., Ph.D.

Professor Hill holds a J.D. and Ph.D. in philosophy, both from Georgetown University. His combined interests in law and philosophy have led to two areas of teaching and scholarly focus: political and legal theory and bioethics. He has written two books and several articles on such varied topics as surrogate mother contracts and the concept of duress in criminal and contract law, and has also written about the concepts of exploitation, merit, freedom and the idea of the self in legal and moral thought. His articles have appeared in the New York University Law Review, the Cornell Law Review, the Iowa Law Review and the Georgetown Law Journal, among others. His "intentional" theory of parenting in surrogate mother contracts, defended in the New York Law Review article, was cited and adopted by the Supreme Court of California in Johnson v Calvert.

Professor Hill joined the faculty at IUPUI in 2002 after teaching at Chicago-Kent and Western New England law schools, among others. He is a member of the Bar of Illinois and California.

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John L. Hill, J.D., Ph.D.
Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis
Lawrence W. Inlow Hall, Rm 301
530 W. New York Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202-3225

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