About the Event

What will happen at the event?

Designing Decision Aids:  A Public Deliberation will take place over two weekends:  May 6-7 and May 20-21, 2017.  The first weekend will include presentations from speakers who will provide insight into the issues.  During the second weekend, participants will work in small groups and then all together to discuss these issues and share opinions.

Some of the issues will center on:

  • What information is needed to make an informed choice
  • How to effectively explain risk
  • What factors impact patients' understanding of health-related information
  • What features of a medical procedure are critical to know about and what are not as important

To provide context for the discussions and to understand the issues better, the event will focus on decisions about cancer screening, especially tests to check for colon cancer.

The advice and recommendations of the group will be reported to organizations involved with developing guidelines for designing and evaluating decision aids. The long term goal is to improve healthcare by improving people's understanding.

There are no tests, and no right or wrong answers. We want only the participants' honest opinions. A moderator will keep the discussion friendly. The participants should feel like they are sitting at a kitchen table talking with friends, some of whom will agree and disagree as the conversation unfolds.

Who can participate?

The project team is inviting members of the general public for this public deliberation.  Households from across Indianapolis and surrounding counties were mailed invitations to participate in this event.  Individuals from these households who are interested in participating or learning more are encourgaed to contact the project office.

Thirty-two (32) participants will be selected and an effort will be made to ensure the group matches the diversity of Indianapolis and surrounding counties.  Participants also need to:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • speak and read English
  • belong to a household that received the invitation
  • be able to attend the entire event

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