MA Philosophy - Bioethics

The Department of Philosophy at IUPUI is currently accepting applications for its Master of Arts program with a concentration in Bioethics. The objective of the bioethics concentration is to address a critical need in the health care professions, where bioethics is increasingly recognized as indispensable to the training and development of physicians and other health care professionals. A key feature of the program is a close integration of theory and practice, which is facilitated by including a practicum in clinical ethics. In contrast to traditional philosophy M.A. programs, the bioethics concentration will focus on prospective students who are already working within the health care professions and who seek to further develop themselves professionally. Although some students may pursue a Ph.D. elsewhere after completing the M.A., the program is geared toward those who want to enhance their professional credentials. An M.A. in philosophy with a concentration in bioethics will be useful to those responsible for policy analysis and development (e.g., on ethics committees), compliance (e.g., in risk management or institutional review-board positions), grant applications, applications for FDA approval, or teaching and education (e.g., in continuing education programs). This concentration will also be useful to professionals working in legislative or other policy positions.

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