The Indiana University Center for Bioethics' (IUCB) mission is to serve as a local, state, and national resource in bioethics research, education and policy.  The Indiana University Center for Bioethics will build on its current strengths and opportunities to develop a robust research program, contribute expertise in ethics and communication to projects led by others, and support ethics training and discussion at the IU School of Medicine, Indiana University, and regionally.   The IUCB will achieve this vision by building on faculty expertise, existing collaborative relationships, and available resources and funding.

Building on these projects and areas of funding, the most promising areas for focus by the Center in the near future involve ethics and communication related to: 

  • Precision Medicine, especially genetics but also other areas, and
  • Electronic Health Information.

Work in both these areas will involve questions about how to best inform and engage patients and laypeople, especially to support decision making, and how to conduct research in these areas ethically.   In both focus areas, the Center should have a two-part mission:  First, supporting important and funded projects; and, second, developing research projects that can attract external funding.  


History of the Center
The Indiana University Center for Bioethics was established on the campus of Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) in July 2001. The Center was initially created with funding from the Indiana Genomics Initiative (INGEN), which was established by a grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc. to the Indiana University School of Medicine. In-kind support was provided by the School of Liberal Arts and the School of Law.  


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